Amazon World Health Day Quiz Answers Win Rs 25,000

 Amazon World Health Day Quiz Answers Win Rs 25,000

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What is Amazon Quiz

Amazon Quiz is Contected Lucky Draw Game. General 5 questions will be asked in the general knowledge questions and if you give the correct answer, you will be given the prizes announced by Lucky Draw. This Quiz Lucky Draw takes place daily from 8am to 12pm. The winner will be announced on a specific day.

Today Amazon Quiz Details

Quiz Name: Amazon World Health Day

Winning Price: Rs.25,000/-

Quiz End: April 19

Winner Announce Date: April 30

How to Participate in Amazon World Health Day Quiz.

1) This lucky draw can only be attended through the Amazon app. 

2) Go to Playstore and download the Amazon app. Or I will give the link to download.(Amazon App)

3) You need to login or register to participate. If you are an old customer login is sufficient.

Amazon World Health Day Answers.

1) Which of these is the theme of World Health Day 2021?

Answer: Building a fairer, healthier world

2) The World Health Organization is looking for leaders for which of these objectives?

Answer: All of these

3) The inception of World Health Day can be traced back to the First Health Assembly in which year

Answer: 1948

4) The World Health Organization is currently headquartered in which country?

Answer: Switzerland

5) On 31st December, 2020 the World Health Organization issued an EUL for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. What is an EUL?

Answer: Emergency Use Listing

6) Which of these ladies is behind the ‘Let’s Move’ project- promoting healthy habits such as a good diet and plenty of exercise?

Answer: Michelle Obama

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