Vadivelu Biography - Vadivelu Wiki, Bio, Family, Cenima

Vadivelu Biography - Vadivelu Wiki, Bio, Family, Cenima


Vadivelu, popularly known as 'Vaigai Puyal' in the Tamil film industry, is a renowned comedian and singer in the world of Tamil cinema. He played many different roles in comedy and immersed cinema fans in a huge sea of ​​laughter. 'Friends',' Winner ',' Sachin ',' Chandramuki ',' Maruthamalai ',' Giri ',' Capital ',' Englishman ',' Boyfriend ',' Prince ',' Time Changes', 'Rasiya', ' Bharathi Kannamma ',' Pattali ',' Vetrik Kodi Kattu ',' Mai ',' Sundara Travels ',' Giri ',' Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi ',' Karuppasamy Leaseholder ',' Pokkiri ',' Everything is his action ',' Numerous films like 'Vedikundu Murugesan' are proof of his comedic performance. An amazing artist who made cinema fans laugh by creating his own style of comedy. 'Vicharuva Veerasamy', 'Soona Bana', 'Vibration Vadivelu', 'Settap Cellappa', 'Thippori Thirumugam', 'Nai Sekar', 'Snake Babu', 'Padithurai Pandi', 'Encounter Ekambaram', 'Body Soda', He has touched the pinnacle of comedy acting in many films through his many roles like 'Kanduvatti Karuppu', 'Vandu Murugan', 'Alad Arumugam' and 'Style Pandi'. An amazing artist who creates his own style for his comedy and manipulates jokes without offending others. The names of a few films may not even be known, but there are a lot of films where he only remembers comedy. It can be said that there is no substitute for the joy that comes from making others happy and laughing. We will see in detail his contribution to the biography and screenplay of Vaigai Vadivelu, who staged such wonderful art with his body movements, facial expressions, humorous verses, and laughter, and bound his comedy acting from six-year-old children to sixty-year-olds.

Birth: October 10, 1960

Origin: Madurai, State of Tamil Nadu, India

Job: Actor and playback singer

Citizenship: Indian


Vaigai storm Vadivelu was born on October 10, 1960 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, the son of father Nadarasa and mother Vaitheeswari.

Early life

He has no school experience. However, it is customary to stage small plays with friends on stage from time to time. He is the comedian in such dramas as well as on stage. At one point the family was far more impoverished than his father had died. It was at that moment that Rajkiran, once visiting his hometown, unexpectedly got to know him. Based on that, Vaigai storm came to Chennai and took care of all the work he needed as Rajkiran's office and house.

The beginning of Vaigai storm in Tamil cinema

He made his acting debut in the 1991 film 'En Rasavin Manasile', directed by Kasturi Raja and produced and starring Rajkiran, and sang a song. Appearing on the screen with the song 'Boda Boda Punnakku', he made his name in Tamil cinema as an actor and singer in his first film. After that, another producer, Natarajan, released the 1992 RV. In the Udayakumar directed film 'Chinnagaundar', the protagonist Vijaykanth played the role of a farmer holding an umbrella. After the film, R.V. Udayakumar introduced Prabhu, Karthik and Kamal, the heroes who ruled Tamil cinema at that time.

Success journey

Following the film 'Chinnagaundar', he started acting in several films in the same year such as 'Varavu Ettana Chelavu Pathana', 'Ilavarasan', 'Singaravelan', 'Thevar Magan', 'Kadirukka Neramillai', 'Kizhukku Seemaiyile', 'Nilakkuyil' and 'Maharasan'. , In a short period of time, returned as the third comedian, along with Countess Mani and Senthil, who were unshakable comedy kings of the time. In the beginning he acted in 'Palace Parrot', 'Gokulam, Lover', 'Rasakumaran', 'Watchman' Pongalo Pongal ',' Kalam Maripochu ',' Rasaiya ',' Muthu ',' Nandavanath Theru ',' Analagan ',' Love Desam ',' Sundarap Purushan, 'Mr. Romeo', 'Love Birds',' Ganga Gauri ',' Bharathi Kannamma ',' Tirupati Ezhumalai Venkatesa ',' Viralukketta Veekam ',' Muthalvan ',' Vannathamil Pattu ',' Kanda Kadamba His comedy roles in films like 'Kathirvela', 'Koodi Vazhnthal Kodi Nanmai', 'Pattali', etc. were highly anticipated by the Tamil cinema fans.

After a period of time, he was an integral part of many hit films and his comedy scenes with Parthiban in the 2000 film 'Vetrik Kodikattu' directed by Cheran were well received by the Tamil audience. This was followed by the 2001 film 'Friends' which brought him more fame. The film 'Winner' which was released in 2003 marked a turning point in his film career as he continued to work with all the leading heroes in Tamil cinema and acted in many films. All the comedy scenes featured in the film were enjoyed by everyone from the youngest to the oldest. The jokes he made in the role of 'Kaipulla', who formed the 'Unrepentant Youth Association', may have really taken him to the pinnacle of comedy. He would have stamped on body language, dress, facial expressions and verses to the point where laughter comes to mind.

Facial expressions and body language are more important to a comedian than protagonists. He expressed both of them very naturally in his comedy and soaked the fans in a mountain of laughter.

As the protagonist

He acted as a comedian in several films from 1991 to 2005. He first acted in a double role in the 2006 film 'Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi' directed by Simbudevan and produced by Brahmanda director Shankar. Both the roles he played were well received by the fans. Made into a full-length comedy film with a historical background, the film was a huge success. After that, in 2008 he starred again in the film 'Indiralogathil Na Alagappan' directed by Thampi Ramaiah and got more specialization.

About the comedy of Vaigai storm Vadivelu

Humor is considered to be one of the most important arts! It can easily make someone cry or get angry. But making people laugh is not an easy thing to do. He performed such a difficult task in his humorous speech, body language and facial expressions, and he naturally captivated the audience with his huge sea of ​​laughter. Also, he is bound by his comedy acting from young to old. His verses made a huge impact on people to the point where they could be used in real life to make fun of even the worst moments. The protagonists in particular speak punchy dialogue, but all the words that fall into Vadivelu's humor may have been welcomed beyond punchy dialogue. Also, the humorous verses he spoke to every child, to say the least. What other award can add pride to an actor than this.

Some of the movies he starred in

'En Rasavin Manasile', 'Chinnagaundar', 'Ellame En Rasatan', 'Varavu Ettana Chelavu Pathana', 'Aranmanai Kili', 'Gokulam', 'Kadalan', 'Rasakumaran', 'Pavithra', 'Pongalo Pongal', ' பசும்பொன் ',' செல்லக்கண்ணு ',' சின்னமணி ',' காலம் மாறிப்போச்சு ',' ராசையா ',' முத்து ',' நந்தவனத் தேரு ',' ஆணழகன் ',' காதல் தேசம் ',' சுந்தரப்புருஷன் ',' Mr. Romeo ',' Love Birds ',' Ganga Gauri ',' Atrasakka Atrasakka ',' Maya ',' Bharathi Kannamma ',' Ratsagan ',' Iniyavale ',' Jolly ',' Kadala Kadala ',' Nilave Mukham Kattu ',' Tirupati Ezhumalai Venkatesh ', 'Finger swelling', 'First man', 'Respect for wife', 'Vallarasu', 'Vannathamil song', 'Kanda Kadamba Kathirvela', 'Koodi vazhnthal kodi nanmai', 'Pattali', 'For women', 'Victory flag' 'Friends',' Middle Class Madhavan ',' Time will come for us too ',' Mai ',' My husband is like a child ',' Looty ',' Thavasi ',' Kamarasu ',' Arasu ',' Sundara Travels', 'Bhagwati ',' Naina ',' Vasikara ',' Winner ',' Hey ',' Giri ',' Das ',' Kundakka Mandakka ',' Chandramuki ',' Sachin ',' Chanakya ',' English N ',' London ',' Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi ',' Thimru ',' Coimbatore Brothers', 'Talai Nagaram', 'Rendu', 'Arya', 'Karuppasamy Leaseholder', 'China Thana 001', 'Maruthamalai' , 'Pokkiri', 'Muniandi Zoology Third Year', 'Kuselan', 'Everything is His Work', 'Bow', 'Bomb Murugesan', 'Alhagar Rain', 'Athavan', 'Concert Beginning', 'Dillalangadi', ' City ',' Policeman ',' Mammootty ',' Love Again '.

Some of the songs he sang

'Ettana Irunta' (Everything is my Rasa), 'Sirippu Varudu Sirippu Varudu' (Victory), 'Unam Unam' (Golden Age), 'Boda Boda Punnaku' (In my Rasa's mind), 'Wadi Potta Pulla Velayatu' (Time Changes ), 'Adiva Padi Vaa' (Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi), 'Kattuna Avalai Kattunumda' (Jayasurya), 'Vikalu Vikalu' (Bhagwati), 'Ek Do Deenuda' (Cody benefits from living together), 'Madurakkara Viveku' (Looted) , 'Four feet six' (like my husband's baby).


  • 'Tamil Nadu Government State Award' for Best Comedian for films like 'Kalam Maripochu', 'Vetrikkodikattu', 'Thavasi', 'Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi' and 'Kathavarayan'.

  • Filmfare Best Comedian Award for 'Chandramuki' and 'Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulicaci'

  • 'Vijay Award' for Best Comedian for films like 'Maruthamalai' and 'Adavan'.


Focusing only on cinema for about twenty years, he campaigned throughout Tamil Nadu in support of the DMK in the 2011 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. In particular, the DMK leader was harshly critical of Vijayakanth. But Vadivelu, who was in big trouble as the DMK lost the election, abstained from attending cinemas and public events for more than 20 months after the election.

Back in the cinema

The two years he was away from the screen may have caused a great loss not only to Tamil cinema but also to the fans. In particular, Tamil cinema fans were eagerly awaiting when he would appear on screen again. To fulfill that expectation, he is starring in the movie 'Jagajala Pujapala Tenaliraman'. Yuvraj is directing the film which is being produced by AGS. The news that Vaigai Vadivelu is back in the film has caused great excitement among his fans.

His humorous verses

'Sir! Let me have a comedy ',' Just close your eyes now ',' Anda! Still trusting this town ',' What! சின்ன புள்ளத் தனமா இருக்கு ',' வேணாம்..வேணாம்! It hurts I will cry ',' I don't know ',' Excuse me ',' Why! It would have been nice ',' Let's go! What can I do ',' I can't ',' My comedy comedy pannalaiye? ',' I was just shocked !! ',' Aha a kuruppa tanya alayaranka ',' Ka ka ka po… ',' Don't nail it ',' Butt I'll have that deal ',' What villainy ',' Building strong pash level swelling ',' Nothing should be planned ',' The opening is good but the finishing is not right ',' All I take the risk is to eat the rus ',' Go to a little pigeon! Be the big neighbor ',' Na rowdy na rowdy! I'll go to jail, I'm going to jail ',' Where is the law that does not break the fight ',' North Poche ',' Brother Dee is still coming ',' Uzuppetti Uzuppetti is sick on the battlefield ',' Avvvvv ',' No matter how many feet ',' Very good ' Many comedy verses such as 'You should not come beyond this line and I will not come', 'Speech should be speech', 'Start or start', 'Should an order be issued', 'Let go of the ride', 'How long does it feel like it hurts', have a huge impact on fans from all walks of life. May have caused.

NS Krishnan, Chandrababu, Surulirajan, DS Balaya, V. K. Starting as Ramasamy and Nagesh, the Tamil film industry has met many comedians like Countamani, Senthil, Vivek and Santhanam. Everyone, comedians who have excelled in every era, but no one can deny that Vadivelu is the comedian who impressed everyone in the contemporaries.

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