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Bharathiraja Biography - Wiki, Cinema, Lifestyle


Bharathiraja, popularly known as 'Director Imam', is a renowned director, producer and actor in the Tamil film industry. He has directed films in three languages, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, and has shown emotional folk tales on screen. His films like 'At the Age of Sixteen', 'Red Roses', 'Waves Don't Rest', 'Smell of the Soil', 'First Respect', 'Coastal Poems', 'Vedam New', 'East Seemaiyile' and 'Karuthamma' are wonderful works in Tamil cinema. It is still revered today. He introduced many actors like 'Pakkiyaraj', 'Radhika', 'Karthik', 'Radha', 'Revathi', 'Napoleon' and 'Ranjita' to the screen. Village and village soil-based men and compelling acting are the hallmarks of the films he has directed. For his contribution to the film industry, he was honored with the Padma Shri, India's highest award. He has also won six National Awards, three Tamil Nadu State Awards, a Filmfare Award and the Kalaimamani Award. We will see in detail the biography of Bharathiraja who made his debut in the Tamil film industry with the film 'At the Age of 16' and has given more than thirty quality works and has been described as the 'turning point' of the Tamil film industry and his contribution to the film industry.

Birth: July 17, 1941

Location: Alli Nagar, Theni District, State of Tamil Nadu, India

Job: Director, producer and actor

Citizenship: Indian


Bharathiraja, nicknamed 'Chinnaswamy', was born on July 17, 1941, in Theni district, Tamil Nadu, India, the fifth child of 'Periya Mayathevar' and 'Karuthamma'. He has three sisters and three brothers, six of whom were born with him.

Early life and education

He completed his schooling in his hometown and became more interested in studying literature while still in school. Later, he concentrated on writing, acting and directing plays, writing plays such as 'Ur Laughs' and 'Just a Story' and performing on stage from time to time during festivals.

His journey in the film industry

Initially working as a health analyst for a while, he later traveled to Chennai due to his interest in the field of cinematography. While working as a 'stage play', 'radio events' and' petrol punk job 'in Chennai, he tried to enter the cinematic screen, eventually becoming director' B. Pullaiyavidam 'entered the film industry as an assistant. Later he chose to learn cinematic nuances with the famous Kannada director 'Puttanna Kanagali'.

Shortly afterwards he directed his first film 'At the Age of 16' in 1977. Leading stars like 'Kamal Haasan', 'Sridevi' and 'Rajinikanth' starred in it. Released in 1978, the film marked a turning point in the history of Tamil cinema. In this story, which focuses on the rural environment, Kamal Haasan would have wonderfully portrayed his character in the character of 'White' under the name 'Sappani'. No matter how many films have been made in the village before this, it is the film that shows the emotional village environment on the screen. The entire film was shot in a natural outdoor setting, which brought about a major change in the Tamil film industry. He proved his personality in the first film, followed by 'Red Roses', 'Train to the East', 'Waves Don't Rest', 'Smell of the Soil', 'First Respect', 'Coastal Poems', 'New in the Scriptures', 'In the East' He was hailed by all as "Director Imam" for his hit films like 'Karuthamma'.

Movies he directed

At the age of sixteen (1977), 'Red Roses' (1978),' Train to the East '(1978),' Colorless Flowers' (1979), 'Shadows' (1980),' The Waves Do Not Rest '(1981),' Novelty Woman '(1983),' Smell of Soil '(1983),' A Prisoner's Diary '(1984),' First Honor '(1985),' Coastal Poems '(1986),' Vedam New '(1987),' Aradhana His most famous films are '(1987)', 'Kodi Parakkudu' (1989), 'Pudu Nellu Pudu Nathu' (1991), 'Nadodi Thenral' (1992), 'Kizhukkuch Seemaiyile' (1993) and 'Karuthamma' (1995). .

Home life

Bharathiraja, who was married to 'Chandra Leelavathi', had a son 'Manoj' and a daughter 'Janani'.

Awards and honors

  • 2004 - Padmasree Award by the Government of India.

  • For films like 'Sitakoka CK' in 1982, 'First Honor' in 1986, 'Vedam Puthidu' in 1988, 'Karuthamma' in 1995, 'Anthi Mandarai' in 1996 and 'Kadal Pookkal' in 2001. Award ”has won.

  • 1978 - Filmfare Award for 'Eastbound Train'

  • "State Award of the Government of Tamil Nadu" for films like 'At the Age of 16' in 1977, 'New Casts' in 1979, 'Waves Don't Rest' in 1981 and 'Wet Land' in 2003.

  • Kalaimamani Award of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

  • 1981 - Nandi Award from the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the film 'Sitakoka Siluka'.

Bharathiraja, who has directed more than forty films in three languages, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, is an artist who has illuminated the roots of storytelling in his own style among the directors who have appeared in the Tamil film industry. It is no exaggeration to say that he took Tamil cinema in a new direction with his marvelous works and revolutionized the Tamil film industry.

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