B. B. Srinivas Biography - Wiki, Biodata, Professional, Life story

B. B. Srinivas Biography - Wiki, Biodata, Professional, Life story

B. B. Srinivas Biography

B. B. Srinivas

B. B. Srinivas is a renowned legendary film playback singer and musician in the South Indian film industry. Who added sweetness to his charming lyrics and brought a new style. He has sung over 3,000 songs in 12 languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Urdu and English. At that time he was a wonderful artist who, with his sweet voice, sang countless songs that will never die, and has a permanent place in the hearts of the people of South India. The songs he sang in Tamil like 'Kalangalil Aval Vasantham', 'Mayakkama Kalakkama', 'Ninappathellam Nadantuvittal' are unforgettable BP, who has been working in the film industry for more than half a century, is a musician. We will look at Srinivas' biography and his contribution to the film industry in detail.

Birth: September 22, 1930

Location: Kakinada, State of Andhra Pradesh, India

Job: Movie playback singer

Death: April 14, 2013

Citizenship: Indian


B. B. Srinivas was born on September 10, 1930 in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India to a Brahmin family, the son of Panindra Swami and Kriyamma.

Early life and education

As his mother was a music enthusiast, its impact kept him involved in music as well. But his parents wanted him to become a civil servant. Com read. He later graduated with a bachelor's degree and was admitted to the Chennai Law College to become a lawyer. But his passion and involvement in music brought him into the music industry.

His journey as a film playback singer

He left law school to pursue a career in music, formally studying music and making his debut as a playback singer in the film industry in 1951. He first sang the song "Kanahibaratu" in the 1951 Hindi film "Mr. Bharat" produced by Gemini. Later, he made his debut in the Tamil film 'Jatakam' with the song 'Chinthanai Chey Selvame'. Eyes ”, in the next housewife" Do not talk with your eyes "and" Dizzy? Confused? Is it confusing in the mind? Susila, Janaki, Banumati, L. R. He has sung with Eswari and Lata Mangeshkar and has also sung in the background for Tamil film personalities such as Shivaji, MGR, Gemini and Nagesh. Not only in Carnatic music, but also in Hindustani music, he has shown his talent as a North Indian singer, singing in many languages ​​like Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada and has made a mark as the best playback singer. Apart from that, he became famous for singing "Kasal" songs beautifully.

Timeless Tamil Songs:

'Her spring in times' (forgiveness of sins), 'Waiting eyes' (Motor Sundaram child), 'Do not approach me in the moon' (Ramu), 'Pleasant vanilla' (Veerapandiya Kattabomman), 'Do not speak with eyes' (next housewife), ‘If you are what you are’ (do not steal), ‘Viswanathan should work’, ‘Can your precious hands be sore’, and ‘Experience is novelty’ (no time to fall in love), ‘Tears are slow’ (Commander’s command), ‘Fainting is disturbing’ (burden bearer), 'Till yesterday you were someone' (Life Boat), 'I saw and smiled' (Veera Abhimanyu), 'Heart never forgets' (Heart never forgets),' I saw the milky season '(Affection),' If all that thought happened '(a temple in the heart),' To the moon I'm angry with myself '(Policeman's daughter),' Rose flower princess' (heroic son), 'I saw a gold' (Reading alone is enough), 'Raja Raja Sri Rajan came' (Relationship to Ooty), 'Forgotten developed art' (Waiting Eyes), 'As soon as she flies' (Look daughter), 'Lotus cheeks' Honeysuckle bowls (anti-swimming), Songs like 'Oruthi Oruvanai Ninathu Vittal' (Sharda) are in the hearts of Tamil fans.

Awards and honors

  • In recognition of his artistic service in cinema, the Government of Tamil Nadu honored him with the 'Kalaimamani Award'.

  • Awarded the prestigious 'Kannada Rajyotsava Award' by the Government of Karnataka.

  • 'Dr. Rajkumar Sauharta' Award.

  • Government of Kerala Award


B. who captivated music fans with his distinctive voice. B. Srinivas passed away on April 14, 2013 at the age of 82 in Chennai. Even though his life is gone, the songs he sang still resonate in the hearts of musicians.

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