Actor Dhanush Biography - Wiki, Family, Lifestyle, Children

Actor Dhanush Biography - Wiki, Family, Lifestyle, Children

Dhanush Biography

Actor Dhanush Biography

Actor Dhanush has made the world look back with his song 'Yeh This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri'. He is the son of famous village story director Kasturi Raja, the brother of director Selva Raghavan and the son-in-law of superstar Rajinikanth, who made his screen debut through his brother Selvaragavan. He made his Tamil debut in 2௦௦2 with the film 'Tulluvatho Ilamai' and gradually rose to become a playback singer, songwriter and producer and today he has planted his banner of success in Hindi cinema with the film 'Ranjana'. Entering the screen at a young age, he became a lyricist for films such as 'What is Fainting', '3', 'Opposite Swimming', 'Marion' and producer of films such as '3' and 'Opposite Swimming'. He won the 'National Award', 'South Indian International Film Award' and 'Filmfare Award' for Best Actor for his film 'Aadukalam' in 2011. He also won the 'Vijay Award' for Best Actor for the film '3' which was released in 2012. The song he wrote for the film '3', 'Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveridi', was released on YouTube and became nationally popular within a couple of days as it was highly viewed within a few hours. Read more about the biography of actor Dhanush, who rose to fame in a short period of time, and his achievements on screen.

Born: July 28, 1984

Origin: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Job: Actor, playback singer, songwriter, producer

Citizenship: Indian


Actor Dhanush was born on July 28, 1984 in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu in South India, the second son of director Kasthuri Raja and Rajeswari.

Early life and education

He continued his schooling at St. John's Matriculation High School in Alwar Thirunagar, Chennai. After successfully completing his 12th class, he was persuaded by his brother and director, Selvaraja, to enter the film industry, so he wanted to stop his studies as well.

Entrance to the screen

In response to his brother's wishes, he made his debut in Tamil cinema in 22 with the film 'Tulluvatho Ilamai'. Selvaragavan wrote the screenplay for the film, which was directed by his father Kasturi Raja, in which he played the protagonist. The film, which was released in collaboration with the trio, was a resounding success, and the following year the two teamed up again for the film 'I Fell in Love'. The film was written and directed by Selvaragavan. The film was a huge success and was nominated for a Filmfare Best Actor Award.

Screen life

Not only was he acclaimed as the best actor for his film 'Kaadhal Konden', but director Vasu, who saw his amazing performance, signed on for his next film 'Thiruda Thirudi' (2௦௦3). The character he played in the film was well received by the youth and he continued, 'Saravanan from Pudukkottai' (2௦௦4), 'Sullaan' (2௦௦4), 'Dreams' (2௦௦4), 'I saw the angel' (2௦௦5), 'It was a dark time' (2௦௦5 ), 'Pudupettai' (2006), 'Thiruvilaiyatal Arambam' (2006), 'Parattai Enkira Alakusundaram' (2007), 'Pollathavan' (2007), 'Yaradi Nee Mohini' (2008), 'Padikathavan' (2009), ' Kutty '(2010),' Uthamaputhiran '(2010),' Aadukalam '(2011),' Seedan '(2011),' Mappillai '(2011),' Vengai '(2011),' Mayakkam Enna '(2011),' He has acted in films like 3 '(2012). Now, Bharath Bala is starring in their upcoming film 'Marion' and is looking forward to the release of the film.

Dhanush in Bollywood

In 2013, he married Anand L. Roy co-starred with actress Sonam Kapoor in the Bollywood film 'Ranjana' directed by them. With a gross of Rs 34 crore in a single week of release, Amoka has declared the hit film a 'box office hit'. He also made a name for himself as an amazing actor in Hindi cinema.

Other achievements

He excelled as an actor and sang in a few of the films he acted in. All the songs he sang became popular and well received by the people. Singing also inspired him to write songs for himself. In the movie 'Mayakkam Enna' directed by his brother Selvaragavan, he has written songs like 'Pirait Thedum Iravile', 'Oda Oda' and 'Kaadhal En Kaadhal'. To make all the songs he wrote a success, he wrote all the songs in the film '3' (2012) directed by his wife Aishwarya Rajinikanth. The song he wrote, 'Why This Killer Killer Killer', became nationally popular within a day or two as it was widely viewed on YouTube in just a few hours. Following this, he also wrote songs like 'Nijamellam' in 'Ethir Neechal' (2013), 'Bhoomi Ennai Suthuthe' and 'Kadal Rasa Naan' in 'Marion' (2013).

A versatile actor, singer and songwriter, he has produced films such as '3' (2012) and 'Opposite Swimming' (2013) and has proven himself to be an excellent producer.

Home life

He married Aishwarya Rajinikanth, the eldest daughter of superstar Rajinikanth, on November 18, 2004. They have two sons named Yatra and Linga.


  • 2008 - Vijay Award for Best Entertainer of the Year for 'Yarati Nee Mohini'

  • 2011 - Wins 'Indian National Award for Best Actor' for 'Aadukalam'.

  • 2011 - Wins Filmfare Award for Best Actor for 'Aadukalam' and 'South Indian International Film Award'.

  • 2011 - Won 'South Indian International Film Award' for Best Male Playback Singer for 'Mayakkam Enna' for the song 'Oda Oda Oda Onnum Puriyala'.

  • 2012 - Wins 'Vijay Award' for Best Actor for '3'.

  • 2012 - The song 'Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveridi' from the song '3', which he wrote and sang, was selected as CNN 2011's Top Song '.

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